From the past - our History!

The sportsclub Austrian Airlines was founded in 1960 and with approximately 850 members it belongs to the biggest sport clubs in austria.

The sportclub Austrian Airlines is a registered association in the official register of associations with all the resulting rights and duties for the club, its organs and members.

The commercial activities of the sportsclub Austrian Airlines are accomplished by:

  • managing committee, composed of a president and two vice presidents
  • a general secretary with his deputy
  • a cashier with his deputy and
  • eight executive members.

According to the statutes a general meeting will be held annually. On this meeting will be decided, by a simple majority of the present members, about all proposals (to be announced at least two weeks before that general meetingdate to the general secretary in written form).

Every second year at the general meeting the president, the managing committee and the costcontroller gets elected. Nominations as well must be presented in written form in the general secretariat at least two weeks before the general meeting.

In addition to the elected boardmembers the representatives of the work council are co-opted into the managing committee.

The managing committee entrusts the section chief with the lead of the sections.  In addition, guests are highly welcome to regist to any sportclub section, feel free to send an email to the site-admin to get a registerform (please read carefully the club and section monthly payment)!


The Sportclub of Austrian Airlines since its founding is member of the ASCA (Airlines Sports und Cultural Association). This organization was formed 1947 by five airlines and covers currently the sports club of about 18 Airlines.

In essence, they are European Airlines, so that the annually ASCA-contests can be called European Airlines Championship. Within the ASCA there are currently 27 sports. For more information please visit ASCA homepage: -here-